Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Quay quilts

My workshop project from the TQG weekend.
I am a bit behind with posting as I have been out and about notably to Nymans, the home of the Messel family, where the extensive and beautiful garden was created over three generations. I've also been on a walk with a women's group which passed through Howletts Zoo, affording a glimpse of elephants. I have completed the setting squares to my workshop quilt, however, and think I've decided on a border  I wasn't sure whether to add one at all but bigger is always better! Mainly though I've been preparing for my patchwork by hand days with the U3A. The prep. could go on for ever but I've now drawn a line and it's just handouts and kits to go. The other photos are Quay Quilters' Show & Tell.

Mary Barnes' quilt from Maggie Kingston's workshop for Oast.

Pauline's piece from a workshop.

Mary I. with Africa quilt for a niece.

Elephant walk

Nymans: the rockery

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