Tuesday, 13 May 2014

This quilting life

The past few days have seen a succession of quilt related activities.
On Friday Trish had completed our Bonnies stint just to make sure it worked; now we have to do ours.
Trish's feathered star

On Saturday it was Tracy Aplin's talk at Oast. She is one of our own and the audience really warmed to her and her dazzling array of quilts. Afterwards there was a mammoth Show & Tell.

S & T: great autumn palette

S &T: wonderful of Katharine Guerrier design

S & T: Gillian's blue delft

On Sunday Ranald MacKechnie, a professional photographer who lives on our road and is chronicling  its inhabitants came to take me and quilts.

Ranald at work

On Monday I went to Tracy's handpiecing workshop and enjoyed seeing some of her work close up.

This is the design we used

Tracy showing her quilt

Students' work at workshop

Today it was  the U3A Open when we showed students' work and talked to some of the 1000 plus Canterbury members and visitors. We listened to various music groups on and off during the day and ended with a ukelele recital and lovely singing from the choir from Abba to John Rutter.

U3A student pieces

Sue and me with lovely beginner blocks all perfect

Margaret's lovely work laid out.


Julie Fukuda said...

Oh my, what a lot of inspiration!
I love that feathered star.

cityquilter grace said...

beautiful quilts....as always...lovely work and feathered stars always make my fingers itch to make one...