Saturday, 24 May 2014

Mood Indigo

We had a wonderful talk at Quay by Delia Copeland on indigo. She was so passionate enthusiastic and knowledgeable; it was lovely to see not just her own work but masterpieces from four corners of the earth, China, Japan, India and last but definitely not least Africa.
Indigo examples
Meanwhile having got some YLI invisible thread from New Threads at Malvern I have finished my small mat bag. The stitches really are invisible. Just when I thought I would never do another hexagon. The mat is a very snug fit. I wanted to do French seams but had to relinquish that idea. These are a mixture of simple marks and zen chic. The base fabric is a very nice heavy Japanese navy (indigo??) fabric. The darkness or lightness of indigo comes not from the length of time in the vat but from the number of dips.

The terracotta side

The turquoise side

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Nancy M Stevens said...

The bag is terrific, Mary!