Friday, 25 April 2014

Sewing Day

Usual Suspects and friends met up in a village hall to enjoy a day of sewing, lunch and chat. I took in my U3A green blocks to do some quilt as you go joining but didn't take a picture.
Judi has embraced the modern quilt movement with gusto and while many modern quilters are as yet inexperienced, Judi's work displays the skills and finesse she has developed over the years. I helped with the spray basting of the triangles quilt and can't wait to see the quilting.
Judi: Tula Pink blocks made using Windham's

Fifty Shades of Grey was a class at Houston. Judi's
quilt uses the  Comma collection and has been
wonderfully FMQed.

Judi's latest piece.

Marigold has just finished a large quilt long arm quilted by Maggie Kingston. We loved the way the design just fitted the piecing. Tracy showed us a magnificent quilt using Liberty fabrics destined for the Festival of Quilts in August. Again no photos.
Gillian is going to send Maggie the beautiful top with a frames setting she has just finished and Becky swapped the green frames of her blocks for white to good effect. Lots of cooks had a say in the arrangement. We like giving friends the benefit of our advice!

Becky's blocks

Penny does some relaxing
hand work.

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