Monday, 7 April 2014

Quilt Assembly 3: joining

For this year's blocks I am using the joining strips method (the second QAYG on the handout) which involves extra fabric for the strips but which does permit using all the same fabric for the block frames.
First secure the backing strip, then the top one. Use the top strip to join the blocks. Overstitching the wadding edges is optional. Finally press the backing strip over and catch down with hand stitching.
1. Add 1.5" folded backing strip
to back edge of block, raw edges
aligned. Sew with large stitch
1/8" seam.

2. Add single 1" strip to upper edge
and sew through all layers with
1/4" seam. Flip and press.

3. Attach the joining strip to
the block to be joined and, again,
 sew with 1/4" seam through all
layers. Press.

4. The back needs attending to.

5. I like to loosely catch the edges
of the wadding together.

6. Flip and press the folded back
strip down and sew neatly by

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