Sunday, 16 March 2014

Quay Quilters: visitor night

What an enjoyable evening. Cathy came to talk to us about her work which spans many ways of working from exquisite hand quilting to equally exquisite hi-tech machine embroidery. She came despite her husband having to drive her because of a recent bad fall and her fee went to charity AND Vanessa made cake so it was a good night. The only low note was Pippa's departure to Cornwall which generated a collective groan but we hope she will be back. Photos posted with permission, all Cathy's work. Her sewing machine of choice is a Janome and she has worked her way up through many models.
Printing and stitchery

An early piece made for a challenge.

For the recent stitches and Stems show in Birchington.

Just to show the wonderful art work in the school where we meet.
here on a Peter Pan theme.

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