Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Catch up

To Maggie's this morning to look at my quilt on the machine.  I am thrilled at the work so far. I asked Maggie to keep the quilting in the background as I wanted the piecing (after all the blood sweat and tears) to be the focus and this she has done using neutral and dark red threads  in different areas of the quilt. My back is plainish so the quilting will get full credit there.
A bonus was coinciding with Valerie. I missed our Usual Suspects meeting because of my holiday so it was good to see her. She was just collecting her magnificent quilt, the first Quilt Show BOM.
We are both very proud of our efforts and Valerie's will be at Sandown and mine at Festival of Quilts, my first entry there.

Maggie at the helm of her Gammill.

Border of Valerie's quilt. I love the alternating stars.

Valerie's quilt with fantastic fabric choices and piecing. She didn't
need to buy any fabric.

Maggie has finished her croceted blanket and wrapped
it round a cushion. More colour choices to savour.

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Beatrice said...

Hello, great quilt! Look forward to seeing Maggie's quilting close up, in an upcoming blog post, perhaps.