Thursday, 13 February 2014

U3A Block 5a Stage 1: Drafting and drawing

Dutchman's Puzzle using two colours

5a is the Dutchman's puzzle block which can be made in just two fabrics but to add interest and create a pinwheel within the design I have used three. I drew the block onto graph paper and then traced the four identical flying geese units onto Mothercare nappy liners. The units will finish at 6" square and the block at 12" square, (6.5" and 12.5" unfinished).
Paper foundations could also be used but will be torn out later whereas the nappy liners can stay in place.
If I wanted to have a brown pinwheel I would have arranged the units so that they rotated the  other way . . .

Block drawn onto graph paper with mistake
crossed out.

Foundation unit and traced unit on nappy liner; I used pencil for tracing.

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