Saturday, 28 December 2013

Last Leg

I'm now sewing the binding of the log cabin quilt so it's time to turn my attentions to some other log cabins, those on the final pieced border of the frame quilt. I need to work out the corner stones which hasn't proved very straightforward. There's no perfect solution but I think I've arrived at my best option which is more or less just to repeat the log cabin. I'll make it as a 7" block though and add an inch wide strip of the red stripe used between borders for the last light strip.
Looks better in the photo than in real life.

This arrangement seemed like a good idea in theory
but not in practice.

Using green didn't help at all.

Will go for a version of this but with the stripy fabric,
not the green.


BobbyC said...

This is fabulous!
Bobby in Shropshire

Julie Fukuda said...

That is just lovely!