Saturday, 30 November 2013

Young Quilter

Strip sets
My grand children are staying overnight this weekend. We went out earlier but on our return Isla wanted to do some sewing. She's fascinated by my shelves of fabrics and chose two to work with. She'd seen a design she liked in my scrapbook which was a quilt I saw at Sandown. I decided it was a two colour split ninepatch.
First we made two strip sets, one floral/green/floral and the other green/floral/green. Ideally we would have made two of the former but I decided to allow for a 7 year old attention span. Also I wanted to check my theory as to the construction of the inspiration quilt was correct.

We took two slices from the floral/green/floral set
and one from the green/floral/green set and arranged
and sewed them into a nine patch block.
We then cut the pieced nine patch in half vertically and horizontally
using the technique devised by Nancy Brenan Daniel. (Isla took
this photo)
The units were then rearranged and stitched in pairs

Finished block (Another one by Isla)

Very proud


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Julie Fukuda said...

Good for you helping her succeed. Nothing better than success to encourage further activities.