Friday, 22 November 2013

Moo to you!

At Houston there was super exhibit of cow quilts made by quilters inspired by Mary Lou Weidman's "Out of The Box", a book with lots of great designs and best of all they're BIG. I took lots of photos and laughed at folks' inventiveness and bought the book and asked Mary Lou if I could post them on my blog and she said, "Yes yes, post them all", so here are some. We at Bonnie Quilters are finishing off our current project and while our fourth member is enjoying winter sun (she cares not for farm life)  the other three of us will make quilts based on the book which we've all bought.

Peggy Baldwin Clayton

Laurie Latta
Charlotte Lorenzo

Rio the Cow Dog

Mary Lou Weidman: Moodern


Julie Fukuda said...

I can certainly see why you enjoyed those quilts. So cleaver ... and funny.

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Oh, wonderful!