Sunday, 27 October 2013

Saturday in Texas

Another very good day here and good weatherwise too. We visited two quilt shops but first we stopped at I-Hop for breakfast American style. Then onto the Painted Pony (I think), a huge shop with lots of up to date fabrics in overwhelming choice. It took us longer than we expected to get out of there. Then onto Galveston where we decided to forgo the planned trip to the Moody Mansion but to explore downtown and  the Halloween fun going on there. There were lots of little children (and grown ups) in fancy dress finery. Shops who would welcomethem  had notices on the window and if the children were costumed and said the magic "Trick or Treat" spell sweets would be forthcoming. Once the car parking was up we drove along the coast and viewed some fancy real estate. Then back across the bridge to JoAnns and the Pinwheels and Posie shop where I sourced  some lovely Royal Blue. We finished up at Round Robin for beefburger and G & T and Show &Tell, quite extensive, back at the hotel.

Painted Pony with masses of space left and right

Disnet cruise ship at the end of the street

Halloween party goers

We all scream for ice cream.


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Love the pics! You all look well and happy. Wish I were there . . . .

Julie Fukuda said...

And a fun time was had by all!