Friday, 19 July 2013

Retail therapy

Ilfracombe Quay with Damiam Hirst's "Verity" holding aloft the sword
of truth. Damian Hirst comes from this part of the world and lives nearby.

I did some research before going to Ilfracombe and the name 2 Green Monkeys cropped up but more as a business that made things. However there it was in the High Street and I talked to the owner while her embroidery machine busied itself making fortune cookies for a wedding. She started off working from home but was so busy she needed to employ her mother as well and found she needed extra space. So the shop was taken on as a workroom but her mother suggested she she should put the bolts she used to make her products at the front for passers by to buy. The selection is small but her choices are fresh and modern. I shopped and I love my purchases. She is lucky to live in a place that is beautiful and where I assume shop rents are low.


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I'll be near there soon too - nice to know that there is a fabric source if I run short! Thanks for sharing.