Monday, 4 February 2013

Beginning blocks 2a

2a Variable Star with three fabrics

Because of  the snow the U3A class missed a session so we are only up to 2a and 2b this week. 1a and 1b were covered in my posts for 8th and 10th January respectively. This week we drafted quarter square triangles for the first time. Four quarter square triangles form a square and to draft them you draw a diagonal line from corner to corner of the square twice. The straight of grain is on the long side of the triangle and forms the sides of the square. The block is Variable Star and can be made in several fabric combinations. Here I use three.
We drafted the 4" square without and with seams for Block 1a but this time we rotary cut a 4.5" wide strip and subcut the 4 corner squares and rotary cut the centre square individually, gradually adding to the "tool box"; however, the drawing and drafting really helps with understanding block construction and the nature of the shapes which in turn helps us to calculate our rotary cutting strategy.
Templates with and without seams
for the shapes in the block.

Pairs of QST's ready to be joined into the
 star units.
It's important to join the QST's in the
right placement consistently.
These two units will NOT fit together.

Block laid out ready to sew.

QST pairs ready to combine into star units.

Rows sewn and ready to join.
Press towards the squares.

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Julie Fukuda said...

It is a lot like my Ohio Star quilt. I love that block.