Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bag Ladies

Bonny Quilters met up today to continue assembling our bags. We plan to finish them before we meet up  next time when we'll start another bag. Our main project is a medallion quilt but we are holding fire on that until our fourth member returns from the winter sun as we want to keep in step.
Meanwhile at home I've finished my "A river runs through it" stack and whackery squares quilt top in preparation for our mini Crab & Winkle workshop tomorrow. It will stay a top for some time as I want to hand quilt it in a fishnet pattern but must finish the Quay Sampler quilt first. I'm not usually a fan of the border setting where the inner border runs off to the edge but this quilt asked for it!
The inner top

Joining the quilt in offset sections - only one
edge to edge seam to sew

Now with borders 57.5x75.5 inches

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Julie Fukuda said...

That is just lovely. The print lead to interesting blocks and you have set them in a great pattern.