Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Day

View from the sewing room

It should have been the U3A class this morning but we are all snowed in.
I'm finishing up a project which is for practical charitable use. The point is to make it as large as possible with the aid of  a nice probably new duvet cover from a charity shop. I messed up the first cutting up of border pieces so have more or less wasted the back by chopping it up. Anyway I was able to label my last row of pieced blocks by using very handy "labels" from friend Judi  will save lots of rewriting.
My safety pin label "e".
To break up handquilting my heavy sampler quilt I sewed a little sleeve onto the back of this A4 quilt made for the Little Gems tombola at the FOQ a few years ago which I won. It's made by Carol Mowat and I like it very much. I can't find a blog or link in her name. The stand was made by Eric another friend's husband and wonderful woodworker.

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Margery said...

Hi, Mary - I found these references to Carol Mowat: and, on the QGBI page for Region 6: Apple Quilters
Meeting Day: Winter: Alternate Mon. 7.30pm Spring/Summer: Monthly
Venue: Swallow Room, Kingston Bagpuize, and Southmoor Village Hall
Contact: Carol Mowat
Phone: 01367 820336