Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Lunch with the Jolly Snowmen

It was the Ladies-who-lunch Christmas lunch today, only four as one of was ill. We were at Eastwell Manor, Victorian baronial splendour, once the home of one Queen Victoria's spare sons, the Duke of Cumberland, I think. Anyway we had a lovely lunch accompanied by soft piano music from the far corner and stayed long after everyone else with lots to talk about especially as we are in touch with Mel only rarely. I plan to return in high summer with my husband as I believe the grounds are lovely too.
Anyway Mel brought a quilt she has masterminded with her group. They all took a basic snowman and did with it what you will. Mel was responsible for the bikini clad snowlady defying the elements. The group are to raffle it between themselves. What a joy. It makes one want to cheat! Mel has backed and quilted it just right.
And the piano player played on. . .

24 jolly snow people

Flying in the air, with legs.

Who's cold?

We like our scarves.

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Julie Fukuda said...

How very cleaver! My Cubs played a game where they drew a slip of paper listing a body part and drew it on a big piece of paper ... ending up with a snow man. Out of 12 slips of paper, one was listed as "extra". No bikinis but one had a Christmas tree and another a saber. Quilt idea? I don't think so...