Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Back in earnest

Many thanks toVivin France who took the trouble to check whether my blog was functioning. I found I could get on it intermittently but then it and the blogs of others would be partially dismantled again. Today a very nice man who advertises in our parish magazine came round and sorted us out on several fronts including our TV internet access. I am so pleased! It was a problem with my computer. I could see everything all right on other people's.
Anyway today I finally got round to photographing some more 2012 finishes. The "No simplex stars please" was a transarlantic block swap in 2003. We exchanged batik stars on black, one cold colours and one warm. The participants all made an effort and did lovely work. I discovered my pale green block did not play well with others so it's on the back with more spares. Maggie K. quilted it for me.

Detail - I think these two lovelies are Judi's.

The back

Buzzsaw quilt

The other was started in a jelly roll workshop with Jo Baddleley of Puddleducks and while I quickly completed the blocks I was puzzled how to quilt it. Once Maggie had got her Gammill, problem solved. I think it looks good.

The other good news is that once again I can upload pictures from my computer and don't have to upload them first into Picasa and onto my blog from there. Whew!

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Julie Fukuda said...

How nice it is when things go according to plan! Maybe those frustrations just make us more happy when it all goes together. That goes for quilts too.