Friday, 19 October 2012

Sir Thomas More

While waiting for the bus to Faversham we popped in St Dunstan's Church, Canterbury. Sir Thomas More's daughter married  one of the Roper family who are buried here and the remains of whose house stand opposite. After her father was executed Margaret retrieved his head from the stake and had it interred here in the side chapel. A window celebrates his life and a quilt hung on the wall. As it happens we could have lingered much longer as the bus only three stops away from the bus station was 20 minutes late. This is the last day of going by bus for some time as we spent 1 hour 5 minutes waiting for three delayed buses plus the time we waited before they were due. Not good enough. It was from St Dunstan's that Henry II set off clothed in sackcloth and ashes to flail himself on the route to the Cathedral to do penance for the murder of Thomas Becket.

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