Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sampler Quilt

After piecing over papers and doing my version of block patchwork for many years I finally went to the Quay Quilters' Show and signed up for a beginners sampler class. I am so grateful for what I learned there - we drafted our own card templates with the aid of rulers, set squares and compasses and although I rarely do this now I value the understanding this gave me and still use it for blocks with odd shaped pieces. However my blocks have lain undisturbed since 1995 while I was wielding rotary cutters and foundation paper but as the to do list has thinned I have got them out. They seem very old fashioned and because fabrics have changed so much in the intervening time it's hard to know how to sash them. All the candidates I tried weren't right for some reason though a friend today suggested navy which is a possibilty.  However I like them side by side  and think I will opt for this though 60" isn't very big. I might have a border fabric which I'll cut quite wide.
The pieced duck will be a label on the back.
Calico too bland.

Pink check - too sugary

Red/White check - too deadening

Navy/magenta check - too in your face

Side by side

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