Sunday, 30 September 2012

Quilt Show Weekend 1

I have been to a couple of small local quilt shows this weekend. The first one was in Sheerness on the island of Sheppey, a place we rarely visit so the event was a chance to explore. We saw the show, enjoyed lunch out with a view overlooking the Thames estuary  across to Southend. It was a lovely clear day and as a succession of ships made their way in and out of the river occasional cries of "I wish I'd bought my binoculars" could be heard from Alan. We had a good walk along the shore and I enjoyed reading all the dedications on the benches and working out how old the loved ones were when they died. Lots had fresh flowers attached to them. Not quite as good as a graveyard . . . On another note we saw wedding photos being taken on the shore and later when we went to look at Minster Abbey with a C12th tomb of the local baron in the reign of Edward I we saw the wedding party now man and wife in the churchyard.
Anyway my favourite quilt in the show was a redwork paean to crafts with little samples of work attached to the blocks.
Holy Trinity Church, Sheerness,  with quilts over the pews

Redwork with embellishments

I love the little kntting sample in the corner

Tiny thimbles

Quilt using up retired husband's ties

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Julie Fukuda said...

That is an interesting way of displaying quilts. The blocks are charming.