Saturday, 21 July 2012


Tacked quilt
I've sandwiched Bryn's quilt without mishap. The tacking usually goes all right but last time I had rucks and had to do a lot of unpicking. A case of over confidence, I fear, so I was relieved this time round. The plan was to handquilt but when tacking I found the backing not so easy to sew through  so I shall probably machine stitch in the ditch around the blocks and add some hand quilting inside them.
I sometimes find leftover pieces and scraps from projects piling up and sometimes I manage to make use of them. I sewed the leftover strips from Bryn's quilt into long bands then subcut into squares and half square triangles which I then combined into the blocks as shown. The setting squares are leftover backing and I'll use the rest of this for a border. Size and shape determined by amounts remaining. I imagine this will be a charity quilt for a boy.
Blocks of leftovers

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