Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Getting there

I'm up to the final ninepatch of Bryn's quilt. I should have finished the centre section by now but had to some unpicking. Today it was the topmost triangles - I'd put red ones there not blue. The blue colour matches his walls.I've used recycled shirts, one pair of summer trousers and some plain hand dyed material. He's starting secondary school next term so needs something more grown up. His bed is under a window and has furniture at the bottom so I shall add narrow borders so it won't come out too big.


Plum Cox said...

what a great design! Love this for a quilt, and love the fabrics that you've used too!

Amy said...

What a wonderful quilt for young man. You've given me inspiration for my plaid stash. Thanks!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I love this quilt.