Monday, 18 June 2012

Carol's quilt

To Faversham today to help Carol with her quilts. Her first top was on the bed. She's very good with colours and when this comes back from the longarmer it should be a really good first effort. We spent the rest of our time cutting strips for the next project - twins and double Trips Around the World with super fabrics bought in New York.

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Phil Thomas said...

Hi QuayQuilter
I see you have joined my blog (the guilty quilter). I am so happy to have contact with another Oast Quilter. I was a member of the Chaucer group of Oast(Trudy Smethurst, Gill cannon, Rosemary Marrozzi etc) until last Autumn when I moved to Australia. I still am a sort of online Chaucer member but miss the quilting life in east Kent a lot. (I'm also sad to miss Sandown this year but the chaucer ladies are going en masse on Friday so will tell me all about it). Quilting is a big thing here and I am now a member of the WA quilters association which is very active.
Phil Thomas