Monday, 21 May 2012

I added a zipped pocket and covered the seams.
For myself on retreat I got out a strippy quilt I took the last time but on laying it out it became clear that it needed some work - some of the strips were puffy. I went to bed very demoralised that night the more so as the others were doing such beautiful work but Judi very kindly did a long line of unpicking for me. I shall do more and think a steady speed using the Pfaff plus some measuring might be the answer. I shall definitely persevere as the parts are good and the unlikely combination of fabrics works well. Now I know why I choose not to join more than one seam from side to side of my quilts but sew blocks into bigger blocks. No pictures yet nor of the workshop tulip quilt I made a start on. Since coming home I've finished the bag I had started while away and I also completed the Patchwork in Perspective cushion taught by Lynne Edwards in 2002! This was quite fiddly but the colours will look good on my sofa.
Patchwork in perspective cushion top.

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