Saturday, 26 May 2012

Finishing up

We enjoyed a very tasty barbecue at my daughter's today. She manages to do chicken which is cooked through but not burnt and tender and soft inside not hard . We always have quite a wait though and made sure we had coffee and cake for elevenses before setting out so I was glad to have sewing with me. I finished stitching down the binding on my sewing machine tidy (the keyboard doubles for the machine in my photo). I started this more than a year ago. I also sewed down the binding on bag number three. I've already handed over number two minus photo - I'll try and take one at the show. And when I got home in time to watch another Swedish show with a lugubrious hero I finally finished hand quilting V's block as well as my own so it was a finishing up bits and pieces day.
Quay Quilters' group quilt blocks

Bag number 3, my favourite

Sewing tidy

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