Monday, 5 March 2012

U3A Patchwork

Sheila's "Mary's Triangles"
Margaret's "Jewel Box"

"Jewel Box" detail

Bid's first sampler

We met on a very cold windy rainy day this morning and Margaret showed three very contrasting ways of doing applique. Something for everyone. The Jewel Box quilt was an illustration - I love the clear fresh colours and neat piecing. Bid has made an impressive start as a newish quilter, learning lots and taking it all on board and I was pleased that Sheila had followed through on the "Mary's Triangles" I showed last time to make good progresson this little quilt made with recycled shirts and boxer shorts!

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Julie Fukuda said...

Lovely way to spend a cold rainy day. Our day started out that way but the late afternoon gave us a tiny taste of spring, Weatherman says that's all we are getting this week ... just a tiny taste!