Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ruddy Farm Boy

I am making ten different "Little People" for a swap, a tall order. This is my first - ruddy complexioned farm boy. He is poor and has a limited sense of style. He is a homely character. His shirt is fabric my mother cut out for a pair of trousers but never made. How much still to do will I leave behind, I wonder. Making the prototype took some time - I had hands next to the torso and one young man wearing only part of his trousers but now I have a Ford assembly line going.
My husband is normally quite supportive of my projects but on being shown Farm Boy he shook his head as if there was no hope left for me. I told him it was for a swap leaving him to reflect there are at least six other lunatics out there!
Can you see the odd one out?

The swap was inspired by Lynn's blog. Scroll back to find lots of ideas and instructions for Little People.


Julie Fukuda said...

I can see some interesting possibilities for that pointy headed little person.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...