Monday, 27 February 2012

I have been working on Isla's quilt top since the start of the year and I decided I must finish it today. This morning I completed the flowers and in the afternoon made the star blocks for the other lower corner though it took four before I was satisfied. I laid the top out to photograph. However I then had to wash it as I had used a Solvy Sticky fuse on the back as a stabiliser for the applique. Now it's laid out flat but it's going to be quite a job to iron all those seams and I hope the soluble interfacing hasn't greyed some of the paler fabrics.
The top

Leftover scraps

Some left over fabric

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Julie Fukuda said...

Congratulations on the finish. That will be so nice when quilted. I have never used the sticky stuff and think it would be a pain to iron all those seams again after washing. It is too hard to get them all to behave the first time around.