Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Farmer's Wife

It was Quay Quilters last night when Trish showed us how she had used the computer programme EQ to make her Farmer's Wife quilt. She had scanned in a plethora of fabrics and when choosing fabrics for blocks, as an exercise selected them using the computer images not the fabrics themselves. The EQ mock up revealed that her choice of sashing was not the right one so she was able to substitute before any wasteful cutting took place. Trish and I are part of a gang of four who sew together and work on the same projects. I only made sets of blocks and haven't got to the end yet and suspect I never will. Trish's blocks are so beautifully pieced and the fabrics so wonderful I felt quite moved on looking at it. Truly a magnum opus. I hope to take a better photo when we meet up on Friday.
Margaret, our treasurer, reported on our show from last year. With a change of treasurer and the bank repeatedly messing up it's taken some time but I was pleased to learn we made £1447 to donate to our local hospice. This is more than we've ever made before partly because of a very successful tombola and also because we charged for admission for the first time. It didn't stop people coming.

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