Monday, 2 January 2012

The first one

Having completed some long standing projects it's now time to make a start on my granddaughter's quilt. She came to stay over New Year and when we took her and her brother back home I doublechecked the measurements of her bed. Her quilt will have an "I" in the middle surrounded by pieced squares then various frames, pieced and appliqued. I'm deliberating still about the quilt as you go route especially as I plan to do some machine blanket stitch applique which could serve for quilting as well but I have a nice piece of backing it might be good to use as is. I really like mindless piecing but will need to go slower with this.  Also my fabrics are varied not hugely coordinated though I know PINK must be dominant.
Here is the centre laid out - it will be on point.

The centre on point square - it awaits the "I" but the girl in a swing will will still be able to be seen.


Julie Fukuda said...

Good to put that granddaughter on top of the list! If you have a good backing plan, let it decide how to use it. the front looks like fun.

cityquilter said...

very doubt she'll love it; i think any little girl would