Saturday, 23 July 2011

Crab & Winkle night

C&W meeting tonight and a definite end of term feeling as it is the last day of the school term and lots of cards thanking Mary who works in a school. We ate cup cakes off a lovely cake stand which deserved a picture in its own right. However all I have here is Melanie's WIP, a single gerbera as requested by her sister in law. The petals are beautifully edged and finished and I like the mixture of cream neutrals in the background. This all seems to have taken shape amazingly quickly.
Maggie is hand quilting a beautiful piece of work intended as a quilt to adorn a bench outside her house - when someone is using it, not permanently. Again it seems to have appeared rapidly. I love the red spotted fabric and the unlikely but very effective combinations of pattern and colour.
Back late

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cityquilter said...

love your photos and esp the solid squares, soooo beautiful. how lucky you are to have so many nice groups to which to belong