Thursday, 14 July 2011

After the Show

Challenge items: Pauline's winning entry is bottom left and looked super when held up at the end.
Vanessa's challenge cushion
Helen's Celtic Quilt
My challenge cushion
It was Quay Quilters last night, a real end of term feeling and a splendid turnout of members, all of us I believe. It's a good idea to withhold the identity of the Viewers' Choice winner until the meeting. It was voted in by a wide margin and a very popular choice, Helen's Celtic quilt. I voted for a lovely Baltimore quilt by the same maker.
We also heard who had won the Challenge which was a small item on the theme of illusion. I never do challenges but for the group I feel I should make an effort, here combining my need for some new sofa cushions with making a challenge item. I now realise I should have created a more definite illusion by using two shades of each colour in each row though I would have found these difficult to source. My choice was Vanessa's cushion which used transparency and was a beautiful piece of work. Mags the judge gave a very good run down of her short list and the reason for her choice. When I saw Pauline's I realise I hadn't looked closely enough at the entries.

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