Thursday, 9 June 2011

Nature red in tooth & claw

We always have magpies, a bird I'm not too keen on as I think they predate on other nicer birds and today I saw a really vicious scene of one in a supine defensive position but definitely still able to lash out with his beak at his adversary who was soon joined by two others alternately onlookers and attackers. Fortunately my final camera click startled them and one flew off in one direction and three in the other though they soon wheeled round in pursuit.

On a more cheerful note the Usual Suspects met up to celebrate Valerie's lunch at the Wife of Bath and Judi just back from Pennsylvania had lots of goodies to distribute in lovely bags from Marshalls, a good size for workshop requirements. In mine were three bundles from the Old Country Store,  two for Quilt Show prizes and one for me to choose for a thank you present for a special person. Lovely blue and yellow was the answer. All this and some novelties too which I collect. Also a lovely farmer's wife block from Nancy but this deserves a blog post all to itself!

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cityquilter said...

nice goodies! have you been to the old country store?