Saturday, 25 June 2011

Crab & Winkle Meeting

I nearly missed this meeting and needed a reminder phone call as despite having got out various things to take I completely forgot perhaps because my thoughts were taken up by family news from another group of quilters I'd met with in the afternoon. Anyway I eventually got there and celebrated the other Mary's (I'm a Mary too) win with a sparkling drink. Marion played the Sandown photos from her camera on the TV which as I'd missed the show I very much appreciated and it was enjoyable to dissect them with the others. I took a picture of the TV with a proud Mary on the screen by her quilt and in the background Marion's cat quilt for which we all made blocks. Maggie showed us two  quilts and Marion the music quilt she'd machine quilted for Bea and her apple core top, all curved seams!
I will try to have some stuff of my own to show next week but I'm very preoccupied with Quay Quilters' upcoming show and can't settle to anything till it's over. Once up I shall enjoy it.
Mary on TV!

Maggie with baby quilt

Quilt for the garden

Marion's apple core quilt top

Bea's music stack and slash with Marion's machine quilting including treble clefs.

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Julie Fukuda said...

I especially like those cats. The setting is quite effective. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you didn't miss the entire meeting.