Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Tree bag for tombola

Cutting out Farmer's Wife block

Blocks arranged
 Today has been a bitty day on the quilting front. I have finally unpacked and put away all including this bag which I took to the Show & Tell at Oast. I have a lot of this fabric and made a couple of bags last year - I was pleased to see one at the foot of the lady who had won it. I wanted to advertise our show by displaying the bag.
Bonnies are meeting again this week so I have been cutting and setting out Farmer's Wife blocks. We spend our meetings drawing round templates - very peaceful. I set mine out on a padded cake board each one separated by a piece of kitchen paper. Then I sew them one by one.
Also I decided I can't spend the next two months just thinking about the show so I unearthed a UFO from a Judy Johnson workshop at Sisters last year. This very flamboyant fabric was the only one with a 24" repeat I could find in time. I think the quilt would probably be better with 20 blocks rather than 30 but I'll use them all up. I like the technique very much so will return to it, I hope.

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Julie Fukuda said...

Wow, that is stunning! It must be a stack'n whack. It must have been a bold print. I like those quiet browns too.