Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Quay Quilters' first quilts 01


Jean T's

We had a lovely meeting tonight where virtually everyone brought in their first quilts and some their most recent projects as well. I learnt our group has been going since 1985 and had its genesis in patchwork and quilting classes in the early 80's. I joined the beginners' class in 1995 and was then admitted to membership the following year. We still run beginners' classes in the year following our biannual show but these are no longer a condition of membership.

Gillian was in the same class of 95 as me so I feel guilty that my efforts are still in block form. I think her quilt was mosly stitched by hand. Jean's beautiful sampler is also hand done in a class with Susie Corke. The hand quilting is dense and exquisite. Ann was in the year after me but I joined her for some of the beginners' classes in order to make yet more blocks. Now Ann works smaller and denser, lots of beautiful highly refined pieces.

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