Sunday, 30 January 2011

Janome Club January 2011

Heart wreaths on pinwheels

Bag piece

Margaret W's lovely work

It was our Janome sewing day and it was well attended and with lots going on with different members using different machines including embroidery models. Cathy darted about between us all giving advice, demonstrating possibilities and sharing her lovely samples and information on her laptop.
The main business of the day was a runner featuring heart wreaths bonded onto pinwheels with a star forming in the centre cut-out. The star pattern is different according to whether the inner or outer star points are place on the pinwheel seams. You can see this on mine above.
Having already made a runner I am making a bag using fabrics bought at Ardingly yesterday.
I was sharing a table with Margaret W. whose spectacle case made for Ann is shown here and a book cover in progress. Exquisite taste.

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