Sunday, 19 December 2010

Elf Night

An elf came to our Crab & Winkle meeting and no it's not me in disguise.

Meanwhile that morning there was an uninvited visitor in our garden when I looked out of the bedroom window.

And on a patchwork note I have been sorting my sewing room and three wardrobe shelves are stacked with UFO's in boxes and ranged in bags in a large wicker basket. I've pinned a list of what is where  on the inside of the door to remind me and intend to complete one or two for every new project I start. I came across stuff I didn't know I had such as a batch of Mary's triangle units and cut squares leftover from the Quay Quilters' raffle quilt of a few years ago. I've used all of them with the addition of a few freshly cut squares to complete the four patches to make Linus (teenager) quilt top. It will stay as a top for a bit but at least the pieces are accounted for. Finding fabric for borders and backs is much easier now that all is visible on the linen chest shelves though I don't have many big pieces and I'm confining myself to stash. So this floral fabric was the best I could do from what I had and though I would never have bought it to complete the top I like it.

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