Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Becky's Nine Patch 08

I seem to be keeping pace with my B9P posts and the days of the month though I'm not sure if I can stretch it to the 31st. .  Anyway here are some more B9P quilts, one made by Maggie, also from shirtings which she uses to cover her salestable. She had her own ways of managing stripes. Liz made hers amazingly quickly as a present and used contemporary fabrics consistently throughout the blocks. She also added a border.  Because of the repeated fabric placement she worked out a more streamlined method using some strip piecing and rewrote the instructions accordingly. I try to mop up some of my quilting energies by making charity quilts including yard square ones for older prison babies and the pattern lends itself readily to this. I used some pretty coordinating pastels also in a consistent placement.

Maggie's version

Detail of Maggie's B9P

Liz's B9P at Oast meeting

Charity B9P

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Julie Fukuda said...

How interesting what the choice of fabric can do to the design. Now that you have passed on the instructions there might be more out there.