Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sewing Room Makeover

Yesterday the flooring went down in my sewing room more than a week later than planned. The decorator finished on Friday 1-2 days later than expected. I should know this is always the way with any job done in our house. Anyway it's a lovely clean blank slate. I can move stuff back in though quite a lot will be on or under temporary tables till the new furniture arrives. However this morning I have been taking some time considering how my new workspace will function and I have arrangement one for general sewing and an easily managed arrangement two for when I machine sew. As I transport stuff I've been thinking about how and where I shall put things. In town I noted the dimensions of various storage solutions and will sit and try to match up these to the things I intend to store. I'm making notes as I transfer things back into the room. My main aim will be for an uncluttered appearance - stuff lodged in organised fashion behind closed doors. Already in my chest of drawers which stores rulers, notions, batiks, bondaweb etc etc I have a card in each drawer which lists the contents so I know where to look and where to put things back.

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