Thursday, 16 September 2010

Sewing machine set up

The last post's Patchwork Party photo looks very lurid as the camera was on a scenery setting. I'll take a better one later when I'm a bit further on.
When I got my Horn Cabinet and two inserts, one for each machine, I hadn't really taken on board that the lift has be set at different heights and adjusted with a socket thingy. The height is set for my Janome but I was delighted to realise I could use the same height for my Bernina which I often like for piecing if I set the Bernina extension tray over the insert. Even better I could move the machine well to the left so I could sit directly in front of the needle. The tray covers the hole of the insert. As I don't use this machine for machine quilting it doesn't matter that the set up isn't completely flat. Now I just have to hope this precious 29 year machine doen't give out on me!

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