Sunday, 25 April 2010

Quilt as you go 03 done

Although I haven't posted anything this week I have been really busy as I have had the house to myself and set up tables in the spare bedroom to get down to some machine quilting. I am really trying to finish those many projects in a partial stage of completion so I can get back to where I was when I first started quilting with just a couple of projects at different stages  on the go. One of my problems in this respect is belonging to groups which generate projects and also attending workshops though I have cut down on these and try to stick to ones which generate samples rather than projects. Also there is the spot of teaching and demonstrating I do for which I make things and also complete charity projects started in the class. This Twisted Sisters is one of these. Quayquilters made the blocks and I'm putting them together. Now it's done but I haven't taken a photo yet.  Here it is with two of the purple inner borders added and two more to go. Quay Quilters member Ruby sewed all the offcuts into two 4" wide strips which I've cut in half and placed all round. They make a very effective finish.

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