Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Quiltology 01

Last year was Crab & Winkle's 10th anniversary and after some discussion we decided to mark the occasion by making parts of a piece for each other. I called mine Quiltology and handed my five co-members a bag of various shades of neutral and asked them to choose a block to complete the phrase "If I were a quilt block I would be . . . " and make the block to go with it. I made a Snail's Trail as my 6th block.  The other participants chose to dodge my analytical tendencies by choosing blocks with no particular personal significance so I 've decided to rectify this  by making 6 more, one for each of us and including some yellow as I had few of the darker fabrics left and the quilt was in danger of looking insipid rather than pale and interesting. Here they are - I'll reveal the names once I shown them to the others. One is missing as I'm hand stitching it.

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Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I love these blocks, Mary. How did Crab and Winkle get its name, please?