Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Long Time No See

I was very pleased when my brother emailed me with a link to a quilt I made in the 1990's for my father to have on his bed in the nursing home. It caused comment from the staff and was much appreciated by my dad. I would sew patchwork when I visited him and as a mathematician he would take a good deal of interest. It meant I could just keep him company without having to maintain a constant stream of conversation and I found these times well very companionable. When my father died in 2000 I wanted David to have the quilt. I liked the fabrics; the cotton check had a batik type flowery pattern almost like a watermark only visible if you look very closely and the corner triangles were Malaysian batiks. I was also prompted to have a good look through the family section of my brother's site and see lots of wonderful old time photos.

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