Friday, 8 January 2010

Continuous bias binding

I enjoyed cutting out the pieces for my next quilt but before starting on the next enjoyable task of sewing them all together I took on the chore of making the continuous bias binding. First a 27" square cut diagonally across and then secondly the side straight edges swapped to the middle and third joined.

Then fourthly I pressed the seam and drew 2.25" lines parallel to the long bias edge. Next fifthly came the tricky part of joining the sides together to make a tube BUT offset by one drawn line Lastly I started to cut along the drawn line to achieve more than 8 yards of bias strip which I pressed in half and wound into a neat hank. Let's just hope I can find it when my quilt is finished.! What quilt is this? - well despite my best intentions to concentrate on UFO's I am taking up the BQL list's monthly challenge. This month's is to make a British Quilt of Valour. So I am justifying my diversion by telling myself it's a worthy cause AND it's all from stash AND it's a design I have long planned to make with no particular recipient in mind so it's good to have one suggested to me.

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