Thursday, 19 November 2009

One step forward

I'm working on finishing various ongoing projects which seem to come to a halt when there's a hurdle. Constructing the autumn leaves quilt has been quite a trial and it was heavy and awkward as I went on. I felt discouraged as the border fabric which is beautiful of itself didn't work and today I have been delving into my stash to seek out alternatives, not a wide choice as I rarely buy longer lengths. Anyway the good news is that a fat quarter I bought for a workshop this weekend is what I really really want. It's an unconventional choice but one recently purchased from JEM's in Canterbury which has fabrics crammed into a tiny corner of a small shop. Anyway it gives me a buzz but I've decided to step out. Meanwhile refolding the quilt I noted a rucked up bit on the back. I don't believe it! Anyway on Monday I shall unpick.
A more pleasant task is sewing down the binding on my Twisted Sisters quilt another lingering finish (started 07) aided by Smart Frog the longarmer. It uses Three Cats fabric from South Africa and the plain but shot navy is Oakshott from India. I like the corners.

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