Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Easy Angle

Today has been vey productive. Yesterday I sandwiched three charity quilts and today I machine quilted one of them. In the evening it was my turn to do a presentation for Quay Quilters and I'd chosen "Special rulers" as my subject intending to teach myself as much as other group members as most have been little used and some were sealed in the original packaging. First off however was one I have always used, the EZ Easy Angle which enables you to cut half square triangles from the same size strips as the corresponding squares - very useful for jelly rolls when you don't have the option of cutting 2 7/8" squares in half. Also if you layer the strips right sides together you can just pick up the paired pieces and sew - must be the quickest way.
For my demo I was making 3" finished units so cut my strips 3.5" inches wide.
And I've now added a picture of a sample block composed entirely of HST's made from Cherrywood fabrics.

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