Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Northwest Quilters Guild

My blog is still on Uk time with 8 hours difference so I'm never quite sure what day I'm posting on. Anyway here it's Monday. Last Monday I went to the morning meeting of the Northwest quilters Guild. The heads of various sections queued up to speak but first off the raffle quilt was revealed, purple with a super appliqued bouquet in the middle. They are providing volunteers to work at Northwest Quilt Expo this week so will get to display it there. I shall buy some tickets. After all I'm on a winning streak! Their show is next May I think and already kits are being given out for the raffle quilt for the show after that; they have a very interesting idea for that one but I won't say anything about it as it's early days. The talk was supposed to be by Lois Hallock about organising your quilting space a subject which interests me as I hope to get round to organising mine and I had bought her book in Powells. Anyway she wasn't able to come because of a family bereavement so the speaker was Becky Goldsworthy an expert on all things batting or wadding (yet one more example of US vs UK speak). I found her talk very informative but I didn't catch it all so you've guessed it I bought the (small) book. I also took advantage of the members' table to acquire old quilt mags for 25 cents each. I love them. Anyway here's the raffle quilt, various quilts pinned on the wall- I think they were charity quilts - and some Show & Tell items.

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