Saturday, 29 August 2009

Little Gems

At the Festival of Quilts which I attended last weekend the Quilters' Guild held a "Little Gems" tombola where you had the chance to win an A4 quiltlet donated in aid of the St Anthony's Quilt Centre and Museum. Someone I met had won four including a beautifully quilted, trapuntoed and corded one by Philippa Naylor. Mine was by Carol Mowat someone whose work I have noted at Quilt Shows. I also won one for friend Monica by Margaret Cooter, a presence on the British Quilt List. I'm going to deliver it to her today at The Dragonflies Show in Deal, Kent, UK. The organisers started with 1600 pieces and more came in as the show progressed; they were divided up into the four batches one for each day and all were gone by the end, a super way to raise money, enjoyed by makers and winners alike.

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